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NERIES - Network of Research Infrastructures for European Seismology

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  Seismological models of Earth crust and upper mantle structure are critical for many basic and advanced seismological tasks, such as the calculation of earthquake source parameters (location, magnitude, geometry), shake-maps, and the imaging of lithospheric dynamic processes. The resolution, reliability and consistency of seismic wave speed models control the accuracy of earthquake parameter estimation, and thus greatly influence the quality of further seismological studies. For the Euro-Mediterranean region no adequate, coherent, seismological reference exists, but one is urgently needed to improve European research and monitoring. The necessary data exist at national data centers and geophysical institutes throughout the EuroMed region. Our goal is to develop a commonly accepted European Seismological Reference Model (ESRM) based on these data. 
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  This page will be under development for the whole duration of the Project. The project has started June 1st, 2006 and will last 4 years.

SM6 Towards a European Reference Model - symposium at the EGU General Assembly 2007
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  NERIES is an INTEGRATED INFRASTRUCTURE INITIATIVE (I3) funded under the SIXTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME of the European Commission. This is Joint Research Activity 1.
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