Researcher in Seismology
Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Sez. di Bologna
Via Donato Creti 12, 40128 Bologna, Italy
marco.olivieri at bo dot ingv dot it

Marco Olivieri

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publication ranking (20-10-2021):
H-index 14, citations 745, publications 38 (Google Scholar)
H-index 12, citations 522, publications 35 (Scopus)

publication ranking (31-12-2017):
H-index 12, citations 512, publications 29 (Google Scholar)
H-index 10, citations 365, publications 27 (Scopus)

I am interested in seismological phenomena that can be observed and investigated by the analysis of broadband seismic data.
I am also interested on the quantification of the sea-level change at different time and spatial scale.

My current research is focused on:
- Einstein Telescope siting
- Lunar Seismology
- sea level and its changes
- Earthquake Early Warning Systems
- time series analysis
- earthquakes occurrence in Greenland