Micol Todesco



I started my research as a geologist, looking for the origin of some tonalitic rocks in the Calabrian Arc, in Southern Italy.

I was intrigued by the presence of mafic inclusions inside the tonalites, and I figured that to understand how different magma could mingle without mixing completely, I had to add some more physics to my curriculum.

This is how I ended up dealing with numerical models of convecting fluids.

I’ve got involved in the study of volcanic processes during my PhD.

This is when I started working on volcanic gases, which seeps through the rocks and provide us information on the subsurface activity of volcanoes.

I’m still there, working to understand how and when volcanic activity happens.

Welcome to my site

I’m a researcher at INGV

(Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia) in Bologna (Italy).

I study volcanoes and in particular their hydrothermal activity. I’m interested in signals generated by volcanic gases, as they flow through porous rocks. I use numerical modeling to simulate their propagation inside volcanoes.

I also worked on pyroclastic flows, in collaboration with colleagues at INGV in Pisa.

I love to discuss about volcanoes and their activity with kids and curious people. This is how I’ve got involved in communication issues.